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I've been offered a free Makeover & PhotoShoot experience - What's the catch?

There isn’t one!
We are confident that you’ll love your images and hope that you will want to purchase a selection of them. We know that you’ll have an amazing time and will be happy to recommend us to your friends and family!

Why do I have to pay a booking deposit?

When you book your session, we in turn book the Professionals for you (Make-up artist, Hair stylist, Photographer, Retoucher) and the Studio timeslot, which prevents anyone else from taking your slot. The deposit can be used towards a purchase of any of the Image Bundles.

How long will the session last?

You should allow approx 3-4 hours for your session

Do I have to buy the photos?

We create beautiful images at very affordable rates and we hope that you do love your images (as the vast majority of our happy clients do) and choose to purchase a selection of them.

How much are the pictures?
What If I can't afford them?

We have packages to suit all budgets and the more Images you choose, the more cost effective the package becomes – We even have an interest free payment plan option available!

How should I prepare? What should I bring?

We recommend arriving with little or no make-up.
Freshly washed, product free Hair. 3-4 outfits (we’ll shoot you with the best ones) Along with Shoes & Accessories – and don’t forget to spruce up those nails!

Do men come to Spark Studios?

Due to the wide variety of specialist areas covered at Spark Studios, we shoot everything from couples and families, to male models and actors. A large percentage of our clients are men.

What age range do you cater for?

There are no age restrictions at Spark Studios. If you explore our portfolios, you will see every age from new-borns to Grandparents! If you are bringing your children, please do bring a supervising adult with you so you can fully relax during the Shoot